Thank You Jang Hyuk (Part 2)

In the previous post (here) , I have written on Jang Hyuk’s marvelous works and how they have greatly enriched my life.  Here, in this post, I am going to write about how Jang Hyuk, as a man, has inspired my life to good.

Jang Hyuk Metamorphosis

Back in 2002 when I first came to know Jang Hyuk in “Successful Story of a Bright Girl”, to me, he was just one actor among the crowd. I even got his name mixed up with another actor.

2014,  twelve years after,  because of Jang Nara, I watched “Fated to Love You”.  As I was watching the drama, I kept puzzling if I knew her screen partner who acted so well. When I found out that he was Jang Hyuk,  the one who worked with her 12 years back, I was struck with great surprise.

Long time no see and this guy has changed so much.


Well, I know. I know. Time changes people. But still, I am utterly shocked with Jang Hyuk’s stunning changes.  Time seems to have metamorphic effect on him. To me, both his appearance and acting have undergone transformational changes over the past decade and I was totally surprised by his performance.

I started wondering what has contributed to this wonderful metamorphosis?

Time of course is an essential factor, but maturity doesn’t always come with time.  What time brings is aging, only life experiences can transform a guy into a real man.

As I dig into Jang Hyuk’s career history, I am impressed with how he has gone through various difficulties and challenges in life and eventually grows into a mature man and actor.

Behind the Debut

In 1997,  he played a minor role in his debut drama “Model” under the stage name Jang Hyuk.  After that, his role in the drama series “School” attracted more attention for his future advancement. However, what attracts my attention is the story behind his early career.

youthJang Hyuk  Jung Yong Joon, like many students of Performing Arts, attended audition  with aspiration and enthusiasm, hoping to make a way to the screen.  Though failure in audition is common, his number is way too far from normal.  According to the statistics given by Jang Hyuk, from 1996-1998,  he has failed 120 auditions!

Jang Hyuk said in an interview that every time he went for an audition, he did prepare well. He was confident that his image suited the role, the way he performed and read the script were also appropriate, he thought he would pass but sadly he failed and failed and failed… up to 120 times.

If I had been his teacher, I would have declared this student “HOPELESS”.

When being asked why he didn’t give up and what has driven him keep trying, Jang Hyuk said that he didn’t understand why he failed, but one sure thing he knew was if he really wanted to succeed (in audition),  he must give up the prideful thought that he was good enough to be chosen. This perspective allowed him to humble himself and work harder for the next audition.

people insideWith a serious look, Jang Hyuk made this comment :  “I have worked really hard.  You can’t be an actor as easy as you wish.”

It is not too much to say  “a man’s character is his fate.”  Success has no easy shortcuts, it’s reserved for those who are willing to humble themselves and to work hard with perseverance and courage. 

Twist of Life

Just as character strength led him to the stage and initial success, one folly mistake dragged him to the downward spiral.

When Jang Hyuk was gearing towards the path of popularity with the movies “Volcano”, “Windstruck” and the drama “Successful story of a Bright Girl”,  he was found to have illegally dodged the mandatory military service.

This scandal was like a fatal bomb dropped in his life and career.  For the very first time of his life, Jang Hyuk appeared on programmes other than dramas and shows : the evening news.

newsThough he was not the only celebrity who’s been found dodging the draft, he inescapably drew public attention and criticism.  Such kind of scandal can turn any star into a celebrity outcast, coupled with the reality that he was to exit his career into a two-year military service, the situation was worse enough for his popularity and career to evaporate.

Talking about that incident, Jang Hyuk revealed that before he entered into the military service, he went back to his hometown Busan for his last supper.  After the meal, he went to the seashore, watching the splashing waves, reflecting his past and pondering his future. But he could not think of any answer.  With perplexity and uncertainty, he entered the Army Training Center.

bad sceneJang Hyuk reflected, “That moment of folly, brought upon the biggest crisis of my life. I am an optimist and used to be positive towards life but at that moment,  I was passive and pathetic.”

Transform through Mistake

We are human and we all make mistakes. Unfortunately, for celebrities, public judgement tends to be harsh and their mistakes seem unforgivable.  To me, however, rather than focusing on the mistake, what’s more important is how a person faces and learns from the mistake.

Mistake can be painful but by admitting and embracing it, one can grow into a better and more mature person.  I am so touched to see this kind of beautiful transformation in Jang Hyuk’s life.

Jang Hyuk said, “I felt that I should take responsibility for my mistake.  In the army, I trained myself really hard.  After 5 weeks of basic military training, I won recognition from my superiors and even got an award for my effort.  My army mates, who have looked down upon me initially, also started to treat me differently.”

“A man must be big enough to admit his mistakes, smart enough to profit from them, and strong enough to correct them.” (John Maxwell)

By admitting and taking responsibility of his mistake, Jang Hyuk showed to the world that with courage and effort, instead of being dragged down by a mistake, he learned from it and grew into a stronger man.


Rediscovering Jung Yong Joon

Besides training himself really hard in the military which apparently explained his toned body, Jang Hyuk also gained inward growth within the couple of years.

Jang Hyuk said when he was in the military, he was called by his real name “Jung Yong Joon”.  To his surprise, this name sounded strange to his ears. He then realized he had long forgotten “Jung Yong Joon” because he had been living his life as “Jang Hyuk” for years .

It’s common for an actor to put on a public image quite contrary to his private self. After all, it’s the image that sells.  Consequently, the pressure to keep living up to the public image and expectation can be suffocating.  The true identity, which is so crucial to life, can easily be lost in midst of the glamour and glitter.

Away from the public, Jang Hyuk took the time of military service as a good opportunity for self examination. He kept reflecting his past as well as rediscovering and reconnecting with Jung Yong Joon – his authentic self , a critical process to bring about personal growth and insights to live a fuller life.

Look at this signature, it testifies Jang Hyuk’s self rediscovery:


photo credit : Irene Tsang

“鏞”  (A Chinese word).

Jang Hyuk said he started signing that way since he went shooting “Ai Shang Nu Zhu Bo” in China.  When a lady looked at his signature and asked, “ What’s this?  It’s neither “Jang” nor “Hyuk”.  He explained to her that his real name is  “Jung Yong Joon” and this signature is the second word of his real name in Chinese character.

By signing his real name to fans, it’s like he’s saying : “I am living my true self and I am also presenting to you my true self.”  A celebrity doesn’t need to live with split identities.  Jang Hyuk, Jung Yong Joon, is living a life truthful to his authentic self.

Sharpening His Blade

For celebrities, most of the time, leaving the stage with negative impression will make a comeback quite difficult. When the future seemed dark and confidence was shattering, Jang Hyuk simply refused to let setbacks derail his goals and dreams. Instead of wasting time and energy worrying and regretting, he concentrated on sharpening his blade in those darkest hours of his life.

bad scene 2During his two years’ time in the military, Jang Hyuk kept expanding his mind and sharpening his sense through connecting with army mates from all walks of life and spending his spare time in reading, both help enhancing his versatility by strengthening his ability to create and embrace different characters and emotions.

Alongside with those, he also worked hard to improve his enunciation by reading newspaper out loud daily.  I, as a non-Korean, have no ground to judge if his speaking is clear enough but I do enjoy his voice over monologue in “Dance of the Dragon” which is gently soft and full of sentiment.

Click on the picture, the voice over monologue starts at 00:45


Thus, by maintaining a proactive mentality, Jang Hyuk turned his “off-screen” period  into a great time of personal reflection, consolidation and development.

Like a chrysalis, from the outside, it looks like it’s resting, but in fact, remarkable transformation is taking place inside quietly.  When the butterfly finally emerges out of the chrysalis, everyone can see the beauty of the metamorphosis.

Don’t you agree that the post military service Jang Hyuk is more beautiful both inside and out than before?


Passionate Actor Pursuing Excellence

Passion for acting has kept Jang Hyuk pursuing excellence in his performances.  As a passionate actor, perfecting the craft is his lifetime pursuit.

In one of his interviews, Jang Hyuk revealed one of the secrets of his superb acting : Observation.

He said watching films and studying how other people perform is one of the ways to enrich and improve his own acting skill. He has over 4000 DVDs, including a special Bruce Lee Collection at home. (I believe he should have more by now).  He carefully watched and analyzed each movies in his private study room.  Also,  he won’t hesitate to tap into resourceful people such as acting guru to discuss and evaluate his acting.  No wonder his acting skill has significantly improved over years.

dvdJang Hyuk also showed his passion by putting extraordinary effort into crafting his character.  He intensively analyzed the script : its story, the characters and his lines like an excellent student studying for an exam.

Take a look at his script, full of a passionate actor’s handwritten notes and marks.


Equip for Quality : Jeet Kune Do & English

Jang Hyuk, as a versatile actor, has always been equipping himself for various acting opportunities.  He has learned Jeet Kune Do for over ten years which enables him to perform martial arts actions with authentic moves and techniques.

Check out Jang Hyuk’s martial arts combat in “Chuno”, the fighting scene starts at 5:34.  (Please click picture to see the video)

slave hunter

Besides Jeet Kune Do, Jang Hyuk also diligently learns English as he believes it is essential for his career to go international.   As I have worked with native Koreans before, I know how hard it is for Koreans to pronounce English correctly because of the interference of their mother tongue.  Some sounds of English simply don’t exist in spoken Korean.  So I can tell Jang Hyuk has worked really, really very hard with his English pronunciation in his international movie “Dance of the Dragon”.

Simply click the picture and listen, his lines start at 5:05


Reaping Applauses & Awards

Jang Hyuk’s life illustrates how a person can be benefited from living according to the Golden Life Principle : “You reap what you sow”.

With accumulated life experiences, persistent diligence and passionate pursuit, Jang Hyuk has not only overcome setbacks and made a successful return to the stage, but also kept reaping applauses and glorious awards.

After his comeback in 2007,  starting with “Thank you”,  followed by “Tazza” , “Chuno” and “Midas”,  year after year, he was cast as the male lead and received awards.  His international film  “Dance of the Dragon”  also won him the Best Actor award at the West Hollywood International Film Festival.  (Update with photo: Jang Hyuk also won the top excellent actor award for his latest work ” Fated to Love You” )


Jang Hyuk’s  excellent works are not a matter of sheer luck, but evidence of his perseverance behind the screen.  He said in one interview that while it doesn’t mean that if you work hard enough, you will get the opportunity.  But only if you work hard, you can grab the opportunity when it comes, otherwise, the opportunity will go into another person’s hand.

people inside2It’s clear that behind those brief moment of award-winning glories, Jang Hyuk has devoted tons of faithful hard work and preparations into his award winning works.

Award Winning Qualities

To me, Jang Hyuk truly deserves those award recognitions for he possesses several distinctive acting qualities that renders him so admirable.

1. Becoming the character

Jang Hyuk’s portrait of characters are outstandingly real and believable.  His uncanny ability allows him to play different characters with distinctiveness and authenticity.  I can sense that Jang Hyuk has a deep inner well to draw from when he needs to craft a character.  His facial expression, his body movement as well as his voice are so lifelike and natural that to the audience, what they see is not Jang Hyuk acting, but the character, a real life, living and unfolding in front of the eyes.  His performance has that captivating power to draw the audience into his creative world.

2. Profound Vulnerability

Another remarkable quality of Jang Hyuk’s acting is his profound vulnerability. By this I mean he is willing to be naked. Don’t mistake me,  I am NOT talking about his rippling six-pack:

chuno01What I am talking about is his emotional nakedness :

chuno2 This sort of genuine and spontaneous outburst of emotions from the deep can’t be done through acting, it can only happen when the actor strips off his dignity and guardedness and simply becomes the character.  By willing to expose his authentic and raw emotions,  Jang Hyuk is so capable of making the character look surprisingly and touchingly real.

3.  Physical Expressiveness

In my subjective opinion,  Jang Hyuk’s best moments in his works are those silent moments, whether it is not his turn to speak or simply because the scene demands silence. Jang Hyuk’s talent is well shown in his silent physical expression of thoughts and emotions.  When he’s not speaking, he is still conveying the inner thoughts and feelings of the character through his facial expression and body movement.

Here is one of his best moments as well as one of my most favorite silence scenes, taken from “Dance of the Dragon ” :

dance1To me,  a poem of aspiration and dream is fully written on his face and gesture.  Touchingly Beautiful.

Successful Story of a Bright Guy

The metamorphic growth and success of Jang Hyuk is a masterpiece of inspiration.  Seeing how he chooses to strive in difficult times and gets connected to himself at a deeper level,  how he takes every opportunity to learn, how he strives for quality and excellence in work, I can see the qualities of a real man.

A real man is not someone who doesn’t have any flaws or mistakes. He is just a man who strives to overcome his flaws and learn from his mistakes to progress towards maturity and success.

The road to success is not always smooth and there’s no short cut.  Circumstances may be tough and you may also make folly mistakes that bring disasters to your life.  Even when dream seems flying away, a real man won’t lose heart but keep pressing onwards with hope, then he will arrive where he dreams to be.

Jang Hyuk’s success has greatly encouraged me to seize every single moment to equip myself.  All those hidden moments of hard work are small steps towards achieving the dream of life.  Be diligent and be faithful, in due time, “you will reap what you sow today”.

Thank You Jang Hyuk

Jang Hyuk, my God sent angel, the VIP (Very Inspiring People) of my life, thank you for sharing your life experiences and inspiring me with your aspirations.  On this thanksgiving, I would like to bless you that you will live a even better life , achieve even greater dream, continue to be a loving husband and a great father as well as an inspiring model to your boys in the days to come.

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Thank You -Jang Hyuk
Part 1
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Thank You Jang Hyuk (Part 1)

It’s Thanksgiving season again, my most favorite time of the year in which I would count my blessings of the year and express my deepest gratitude.

This year, at the top of my gratitude list is a person whom I have never met in person, nevertheless he has made an impact on my life far more than any people I’ve met within the year.


Jang Hyuk, he is an angel, a timely one sent by God to inspire my life.

First Encounter

Retrieving memories……..

I  sort of know Jang Hyuk back in 2002 when he collaborated with my all-time favorite actress, Jang Nara,  in one of the greatest dramas of that year : “ Successful Story of a Bright Girl ” .


As the name of the drama hinted,  it was kind of tailor-made for Jang Nara. Her role Cha Yang-soon sparkled like diamond (both because of the characterization and Jang Nara’s vibrant acting)  while Jang Hyuk’s role, Han Gi-tae, is simply a typical Kdrama impulsive jerky guy.

I remember thinking :  “ Um, the male lead is good looking but he lacks layers and distinctiveness in his acting. ”

So when the drama ended, I had him forgotten….TOTALLY.

Fatelike Re-encounter

There is a saying :  “ If you miss a certain destined person for the first time,  God will guide you to that person again at precisely the right moment. ”

Twelve. Years. Passed.

Like divine providence, Jang Hyuk comes back to my drama world because of his reunion with Jang Nara as screen couple in “Fated to Love you” after 12 years.


Words can’t fully describe how impressive his performance was in that drama.  For quite a while, I kept wondering : “Is he really the Jang Hyuk who starred together with Jang Nara 12 years back?”

One episode after another,  Jang Hyuk has successfully shown that he is an actor of wide range of emotions and roles.


Thanks to the director and scriptwriter, Lee Gun is such a multi dimensional character that allows Jang Hyuk to show off his incredible versatility as a multi-genre actor.


Throughout the drama, we catch a glimpse of his versatility which proves to us that he is capable of acting in different genres including Romance, Comedy, Detective, Thriller, Action, Tragedy and even Musical. What kind of genre this man can’t do?

Post Drama Syndrome

After I finished watching the drama, I missed Lee Gun Jang Hyuk’s talented and fabulous performance.  My gut feeling told me I must have dismissed him too early and missed some really good things.


So I started digging….


As I watched his previous works one after another,  I was stunningly impressed and awestruck with his excellent performance.  It’s like : FINALLY!  I’ve found my lifetime treasures.


Jang Hyuk – The Real Treasure

Though many great actors are typecast in similar roles over years, personally I admire actors who can play different roles and to me, that is what really makes an actor stand out from the crowd.

Jang Hyuk is such a brilliant chameleon actor.  Let me just cite a few of his roles that show his versatility.   When you consider his role as the both heartwrenching and heartwarming doctor Min Gi Seo in Thank You,  his role as a vengeful gambler Kim Goni in Tazza, his role as an ambitious and greedy lawyer Kim Do Hyun in Midas,  his first Hollywood Best Actor Award winning role as a ballroom dancer Tae Kwan from the countryside in Dance of the Dragon and last but not least is his outstanding role of a slave hunter Lee Dae Gil in Chuno that earns him several Best Actor Awards, you can’t help admiring his wide range acting capability.

Moreover, to me, the charm of an actor lies in his ability to grab the emotions of the audience through his distinctive portrait of the “made-up” character as real to life as possible .

Famous actors are a lot but few are distinctive and heart-gripping in their acting. Jang Hyuk’s performance is capable of grabbing my heart and taking me through all the emotions and struggles of the characters he portrays.  Watching his dramas/movies is not simply a journey of “ entertainment”, but  a journey of “enrichment”.  Through his carefully crafted and executed characters, I’ve come to a greater understanding of human being and life issues. My perspective is broaden and my life is deepen.  It’s so life changing, and because of that, I really want to thank Jang Hyuk for the works he’s done.

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Thank You-
A Love Well Expressed Part 2
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Thank You – A Love Well Expressed (Part 2)

72 “What is love?”  This is one of the questions posed by the drama “Thank You”.

Unlike most romantic dramas which portray love as a strong emotional or sexual expression, here in “Thank You”, the portrait of love between Gi Seo and Young Shin is realistic and pragmatic.

Though there are hand-holding scene and kissing scenes,  those are not erotically charged. Without romantic settings like flowers, chocolate, wine, candlelight and dance, the love between the protagonists is simply affectionate but not sensual or passionate.

Moreover, unlike typical romance, throughout this drama,  there isn’t a single utterance of  “I love you”  or  “I like you”.  The closest to the romantic cliches is  a “Yes” muttered by Young Shin in response to Suk Hyun’s question : “Do you like Min Gi Seo? ”

Unfortunately, this muttering confession is not spoken to the one who should hear it.  In fact, Young Shin has never given Gi Seo any verbal affirmation of the kind.


On the other hand,  Gi Seo’s request-like confessions are also short of something that would get her swept off her feet.

“May I be Lee Young Shin’s man? ”


“ May I be part of your family? ”


Interestingly, even the way Gi Seo and Young Shin address each other is so unconventional for drama couples.  Young Shin keeps calling Gi Seo ” ajusshi” (Uncle/ Mr ) while he refers her as  ” ajumma” (a mother/ aunt) . Those are Korean terms used to address to strangers, how strange are Gi Seo and Young Shin!

With all these incongruent blend of formal and prosaic elements with a love relationship,  the viewers are challenged to rethink  “What is Love?”  Does it count as love without sexual passions and romantic sentiments?

Analysis of Gi Seo’s Love

Gi Seo definitely cannot be counted as a typical romantic guy in the drama world who would pursue his woman with flattery romance, but his love for Young Shin surpasses many “romantic heros”.  Instead of “talking” love,  he translates love into actions.

1.  Wipe Away Tears

It’s not easy to define the exact moment Gi Seo falls in love with Young Shin.  However, no one can deny Young Shin’s tear is one of the love triggers.


Having been forced  “to leave or to marry”  by Suk Hyun’s mom, Young Shin can’t hold her tears any more. Her floodgates open wide at night when she takes care of a physically wounded Gi Seo.

While many guys don’t know how to handle a woman’s tear and would just pretend not to see it or simply turn frigid, Gi Seo shows his compassion and care by wiping her tears away.

Lesson :

When  a woman is in distress and sadness,  besides tissues,  an offer of your shoulder, a rub on her back,  a hug or embrace would be heartwarming.  Those are important non-verbal acts of love saying  “It’s okay, I’m here for you sweetheart.”  This sympathetic hereness touches a woman’s heart far beyond words.

2.  Tracing Steps

One day Gi Seo sees a drunken and wobbly Young Shin treading her way back home, he follows her within distance and shows readiness to hold her when she seems to fall.

From daylight till dusk,  through the hillside, over the bridge, down to the narrow path, he follows and watches over her quietly.

30 31

What’s so appealing in this tracing episode is that he doesn’t boast about his act to her afterwards.

When they arrive home,  he pretends that he comes back separately. He asks her like usual,  “ Ajumma,  I am hungry. Give me dinner. ” 


Though it’s true that he must be hungry, very hungry indeed after a long tracing walk but it’s unbelievable that those are the only words he speaks to her after what he has done for her.  He seems to be contended so long as she is safe and doesn’t bother about getting any credits.  Had he told her everything, he would have turned himself into an arrogant bragger.

Upon hearing his dinner request, Young Shin turns around, gazes at him with teary eyes and promises to prepare a nice warm meal for him.

When dinner is served,  Gi Seo stares at the whole set of meal with uneasiness and confusion.

86The exceptionally huge bowl of rice, as a Korean ceremonial practice, is a special offering to the deceased ancestor. Astonishingly Gi Seo asks Young Shin,

“Just how much did you drink?

What’s wrong with you suddenly?

Did you get hit in the head somewhere?”

When Young Shin stands up and bows to him, Gi Seo realizes that she has mistaken him as her deceased father.


“Father, I’m so immature. Let me bow down to you.

I heard what the fortune teller said.

Because you’re still worried about me,

It’s because Young Shin is living a hard life that you’re heartbroken.

That’s why you’ve borrowed someone else’s body to come here.”

Gi Seo tries hard to wake her up without success :

“ Ajumma! Come to your senses!

I’m not Ajumma’s father!”

Behind that hilarious moment,  it’s clear that our fatherless and husband-less Young Shin yearns for masculine protection and care.  Somehow she feels special with this man around in her house and he seems to fill the gap of the missing male leader in the family.


“ I am hungry. Give me dinner. ”

Does this sound like a man comes back home from work?  For those who eager for a man to say romantic words,  this homecoming request would seem abominable.  But if a woman would dig into the implications behind that request, she may realize the love hidden therein.

The one who asks for food upon coming home is also the one who has work hard all day for love.  His masculine nature may not allow him to give you a detail list of his loving work.  Just remember this:  He is hungry because he has been working hard for love, to provide for you and the family.

“Hungry man,  Hardworking man,  Huge heart man”.

3.  Respect & Companionship

Being a single mother, one of the most scary things that could happen to you is when you wakes up, your child is lost.  This nightmare happens to Young Shin.

After knowing herself has infected with AIDS, Bom leaves home under the wrong belief that she would pass the disease to her mother and great grandfather.

Young Shin wakes up with fever, totally overwhelmed with fear and anxiety. She rushes out in her pajamas to look for Bom.


Gi Seo catches her on the way. The very first thing he does is to cover her with his jacket which warms up her sick body and wrenched soul.


Then he awakens her :

“Get a grip on yourself from now on.

A little incident and you become so weak.

Life will be much more difficult in Seoul in the future.

How do you intend to face all of it?  Bom’s mom.


Seeing her surging anxiety, he offers her a hand:

“ You wouldn’t go back to take your medicine even if you’re told to.

Promise me that you’ll get a grip on yourself.

When you’re looking for Bom… I’ll be your chauffeur. ”

Then he takes her to the car, driving her to Seoul to look for Bom.


The way Gi Seo handles the situation is so heartwarming.  Despite his professional conviction that a feverish Young Shin should stay in bed, he respects her mother’s heart  and even goes far enough to support and accompany her in her child-searching journey.

Respect is a great act of love. Some guys would in the name of “I love you”  or “ for your good”  insist women to follow their advice.  No matter how right the advice is , this kind of love without respect will eventually push women away.

4.  Hair clip

Back to the searching journey.  During their lunch break,  Young Shin realizes she looks like a messy woman in pajamas and wrong pair of  shoes.  Gi Seo lends her money to buy a proper outfit.  After she is done changing,  she asks him if she looks good now. He glances her from toe up to head and sees that her hair is loose.  He immediately buys a hair clip and ties up her loose hair, making her a perfect looking  “Bomie omma”  (mother).

As Gi Seo’s hands slip through her hair, Young Shin feels butterflies in her stomach. A man who makes up a woman’s hair is intoxicating.


5. Warm Hug

After searching for a while,  Young Shin finally breaks down.  He takes her into his car, wraps her with a blanket. Seeing her shivering from severe chills, he hugs her to warm her up with his body heat.

What’s special about this hug is its pureness.  Before he wraps his arms around her, he assures her, “ You are not a woman.  I am not a man. ”  By saying this, he makes it clear to her that he is not trying to take advantage of her, the hug is pure without any sexual connotation.


6.  Bring  back

Young Shin’s illness forces their search to a halt and Gi Seo has to take her back to the village.

A phone call from Suk Hyun , intending to tell Young Shin that Bom is with him in Seoul, is picked up by Gi Seo.  Gi Seo is upset and he races overnight to Seoul to take the already fast asleep Bom back home.

He lays Bom down beside Young Shin and locks their hands together  like he’s giving her back the most precious treasure of her life.  Also it is the only time the “three” hold hands together like a family.

After an overnight driving, Gi Seo is totally exhausted and he collapses into deep sleep back in his room.  His restfulness clearly shows that he is pleased and at peace with what he has done for Young Shin.  Energy well spent for love.


7.  Affectionate Check

The next day,  he keeps checking and taking care of her. His gesture melts her heart.


8.  Life Saving

Facing death is always an opportunity to test a person’s love commitment.

An accident in a stormy night puts Young Shin into a deep coma and life threatening blood loss.   If it is a test of Gi Seo’s love, this is how much he can sacrifice for her : He gets soaked through in the rain, knocking door to door, begging people to donate blood to her.


9.  Pray Unceasingly

After series of turmoil, he finally manages to stop her from bleeding. However, she is still in critical condition.

Knowing the limits of a doctor’s medical help, he drives to the church and stays there praying for her overnight.

In this life or death situation, as a helpless soul, he offers his anxious request to the one who can save life, for her and for himself.


10.  Hair Washing

After a successful surgery, Young Shin finally wakes up.  Feeling bad about her messiness,  she asks the nurse to wash her hair.  At that moment, Gi Seo walks by and secretly takes over the nurse’s job.  He gently and carefully wash her hair without letting her know.

A man who cares enough to wash your hair is a man deeply in love.


11.  Delicious Food

Nutrition is important in the recovery process. Good hospital meals not only nourish the body but also the soul.  Gi Seo takes good care of this aspect during Young Shin’s hospitalization.

When they are on the way home after the discharge,  she thanks him for the delicious meals.


“ The food you bought yesterday was good.

The day before, the noodles were tasty too.

The previous day before,

the porridge I ate was probably the best I ever had in my life. ”

Upon hearing this,  Gi Seo is so delighted.

Feeling proud of himself, he immediately responds, “ I’ll buy everything on the menu from that stall for you. ” which makes Young Shin smile with joy.

Providing food is definitely a huge love language. Who can resist a man who feed you with delicious food?

12.  Stand Up and Defend

Besides being a great care-taker and provider, Gi Seo is also such a great protector. Rather than assuming the role of an audience, he steps in and stand up for Young Shin against other people’s bullies and accusations.


Lesson :

Saying love is easy but proving it needs effort.  “Actions speak louder than words” is so true.  Though women crave for romantic whispers, chivalrous acts are also important in winning a woman’s heart.

Standing up and defending against criticisms and bullies  is a huge heroic act that shows to the woman how much she matters to the man.

13.  Build Up

Being a mother of a daughter who has AIDS,  Young Shin has to bear the blame and even curses from the villagers.  She feels like people treat them as if they are filthy cockroaches.  She is constantly struggling with her low self image together with guilt and shame. Gi Seo builds her up with proper perspectives of AIDS and life:   Differences should not undermine human worth and dignity.


“ Contracting AIDS is nothing to be blamed for.

You needn’t feel guilty.

Bom is just different from the rest.

There are people with huge nose, small eyes and extremely short legs.

There are also people with thumbs longer than their index fingers.

They are just different from the rest.

So don’t live as though you owe an apology to the whole country.

Lift up your head.

Open your eyes.

Stand straight.”

Gi Seo’s perspective shows that he sees her differently. Unlike those biased and judgmental villagers who measures her with outward qualities, he assures her of Bom’s and her worthiness simply because they are human.

Locking eyes with each other, they shared a deeper understanding and connection with each other.  He is happy to see her stand on her feet and she is grateful to his encouragement and respect for her.


Everyone has blind spot and shortcomings. If you really love a person, instead of lecturing, criticizing and belittling , a gentle sharing of insights and wisdom would contribute more to the other person’s growth and well being.

True love should build up each other to become  a better person.

14.  Embracing Her Family

To love a single lady is simple but to love a single mom is not.  A single mom together with an AIDS-infected daughter and  a senile grandpa would make the situation even more complicated. There are a lot of responsibility to shoulder. This harsh reality is exactly what Suk Hyun challenges Gi Seo with.


“It’s not a road you can travel just because you love her.

A child with AIDS and a senile grandfather are all tied together.

Get hurt together, suffer together.

That’s the road you must travel.

You can’t do that… This isn’t the place for you.

Step away from it.”


“I don’t want to. ”  Gi Seo replied.

From Gi Seo’ s firm reply,  obviously he has already thoroughly considered the difficulties and complexities of this road less traveled and nevertheless, he has made up his mind to go all the way. 

” Love her, love her daughter and her grandpa” is the requirement of this love relationship.  It comes in a bundle and Gi Seo is ready to embrace them all with his strong love. 

A.  Embracing Bom : the Love of Ajusshi

In fact, while Suk Hyun is still struggling and procrastinating, Gi Seo has already started his journey of loving Bom like a little daughter of his.

Though only living with them for a short while, Gi Seo has already bonded well with Bom like a father.

♥   He teaches her to live a good life and be punctual to school.


♥   He rushes to protect her when a car almost crashes into her.


♥   He talks with her like a friend and she confides in him.  In fact, he wins this little girl’s heart long before he wins her mother’s. LOL


Bom roots herself so deeply in Gi Seo that when she knows Gi Seo has left them, she cries out loud like the end of the world.


When the family is forced to leave the village,  Gi Seo comes back in time,  like a modern knight in his modern white horse .


Upon seeing him, Bom joyfully shouts  “Ajusshi” and wraps him with a welcoming back hug.


Staying with them for the second time, Gi Seo acts more and more like Bom’s father.

He takes Bom to school and tutors her.


♥  He teaches her to respect and obey her mom.


♥  He plays with her at the beach.


♥  He comforts her when she is in tears over her mom’s hospitalization.

63 Bom : “My mom…”

Gi Seo : “It’s alright.                

                   That’s why I came… Guardian Angel Number 1.  

                …will you go and stay inside my car?

                The heater’s on, so it’s warm, ok? ”

♥  He protects her from the bullies of the villagers.


♥  He encourages her and gives her hope to live on with her life.

78fd7acb0a46f21f9841047af6246b600c33ae5d Bom :  “ Can I not be an angel? 

                  I don’t want to be an angel anymore.

                   I don’t want to have AIDS.  

               Ajusshi, can you ask God for a favor? ”

Gi Seo:  “ Not everyone can become an angel.

                  You can’t not become one just because you don’t want to. ”

Bom:    “ Then what should I do? ”

Gi Seo:  “ Even if you’re tired waiting for your prince,

                   you still have to keep on waiting.

                  Just like the ugly duckling and Cinderella.”

♥   Most importantly, he is committed to safeguard Bom’s life.


B. Embracing Grandpa : The Love of Hyung (brother)

Besides Bom, Gi Seo also takes care of Grandpa.  He shaves him and bathes him, making both grandpa and Young Shin grateful and happy.


Of course, he also gives grandpa free medical care.



A man who doesn’t only love you but also your family speaks volumes about how great his love is.

Young Shin’s Failure

“ I keep telling you but you fail to hear….”  said Gi Seo

Unfortunately after Gi Seo has done so much for Young Shin, she fails to appreciate and thinks that he does all out of sympathy and guilt.  She turns cold to Gi Seo.

Agitated by her sudden leave without a word of goodbye, he defends himself in agony.


“ In this kind of world,  which idiot would give up everything in his life

out of sympathy and  guilt, Ajumma?

Am I a crazy man?

Why do you think  I’ve done work that I would never have imagined I would do in my life?

Why do you think my heart breaks every time I see that woman’s tears?

Why do you think I believe I own the world whenever I see her smile?

Am I a crazy man?

I’ve always been telling you,

the reason why I returned to this awful, uncomfortable and backward

countryside is because of you, Ajumma!

You just had your hands over your ears,

but I have always kept telling you!”

Well, even if Young Shin is so idiotically deaf, she should have been convinced by what Gi Seo has done for her, for Bom and for Grandpa.  However, she fails in both her hearing and sight because of her pride and pain.


Hearing without understanding is one of the greatest enemies of love relationship.

It’s important to know and remember that men and women express love in different ways. Expecting a man to think and act like a woman or vice versa would bring frustration and conflict into the relationship.

Women are wired to be more expressive about their thoughts and feelings.  Unfortunately, men simply won’t express themselves as naturally as women and most of them would fail to utter those seemingly simple words : “I love you.”

Gi Seo is no exception, in terms of talking love, he is simply a “man”.  Even on the edge of her leaving him, he still fails to simply say “I love you”.  His long string of  “Am I a crazy man?”  defense are just beating around the bush and fail to captivate the core of Young Shin’s heart.  It’s not surprising that Young Shin fails to be convinced that he loves her.

On the other hand, men are innate providers, which is an expression of his love to his woman, by providing and caring for her needs.  If  a woman insists on getting verbal romance, she may fail to perceive the great love language “done” by her man.

Flattery romance is transient, actions are solid proof of love.

So far in this love journey, Gi Seo willingly accepts all the challenges that come across in their life.  All along, Gi Seo has been striving to do things to protect and provide for Young Shin, wanting to make her happy and proud of him.   With commitment and diligent work, Gi Seo has proved himself to be a man of great heart whose shoulders can carry the responsibility of this family.

“See”  how he carries each of them : Young Shin, Bom and Grandpa.

68 拷貝If that’s not love, what can it be?

Gi Seo’s “love deed” list is long and Young Shin needs to see things from a man’s perspective to acknowledge and appreciate those deeds as his expression and affirmation of love.

Committed Love

“Thank You” is not a fairy tale world of romantic love.  Instead of a dramatic moment of romantic infatuation, the drama depicts another kind of love — a committed love to sharing ordinary life together.


Gi Seo’s  unrequited love to Young Shin is not a transient feeling or deceptive flattery. His is a committed love expressed in the smallest details of daily life.  And this kind of love is stronger than romance.

Commitment is an essential element for love to be sustainable.  To love a person is to share ordinary life with that person together. It’s nothing fanciful or tantalizing but simply to find meaning and connection in the mundane of everyday life.  It is all about being supportive, considerate, affectionate, kind and caring with the strength to face life together for better or worse.  It’s the kind of love, capturing the essence of “Till death do us part”,  that connects and sustains a relationship through life, even in midst of storm and hardships.


Dating Anniversary Tribute

As I conclude this two-part writings on this drama, I would like to express a heartfelt “Thank You” to  Gi Seo  my Man who has  shown committed love to me.

Having  you  to  love  me  is  the  greatest  gift  in  my  life


Thank  you  for  “THE  WAY ”  you  love  me.

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 Thank You –
A Love Well Expressed Part 1
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Thank You – A Love Well Expressed (Part 1)

“Thank You” is a heartwarming story of a doctor and an unmarried mother together with her family.



The male lead “Min Gi Seo” is a brilliant doctor who struggles with grief and remorse as he can’t save his girlfriend from cancer.


His Seoul top ranked surgeon father tells him,

You are an innate doctor. You have the passion that even I don’t have….     You should know that no doctor on earth can save everyone’s life.”

However, this deeply wounded soul is determined to punish himself by self abandonment.


Betraying his heart and passion, he trades his medical profession for an executive job in his mother’s business firm, living a soulless life without hope and enthusiasm.


An unexpected business trip just like fate takes him on a journey to Blue Island. There lives a little girl called Bom who is infected with AIDS in a blood transfusion. The doctor who is responsible for that medical negligence is Gi Seo ‘s deceased girlfriend. Before she passes away, she has asked Gi Seo to make an apology to Bom and her mother on her behalf.


After intense struggles, Gi Seo finally comes to term with his decreased girlfriend’s haunting request. He decides to stay with Bom’s family as their tenant, with the intention of making up for her medical mistake.


Bom’s mother, Lee Young Shin,  is an unmarried mother.  She is poor and uneducated (due to teenage pregnancy).  Her parents has passed away and she is left with a grandfather who is suffering from dementia.  As if life is not hard enough for her, Bom accidentally gets infected with AIDS, a heartbreaking fact she tries hard to hide from Bom as well as all the villagers.  Almost everyone looks down on her and believes that she has a terrible life. However, instead of getting bitter and grumbling about life’s adversities, she manages to stay strong for her family. What everyone would regard as burdens, she sees as treasures.


Being a humble and kindhearted girl, she, in spite of daily hardships, maintains a grateful attitude towards even the simplest things life has given to her.


Gi Seo and Young Shin are two contrasting characters. They are both hit by tough circumstances of life but their reactions are so different. While Gi Seo chooses the path of pathetic self destruction, Young Shin shows her courage to embrace life’s challenges with hope and gratitude. She and her family become a light brighten up Gi Seo’s heart of darkness.


As Gi Seo lives with this heartwarming family over time,  he gradually falls in love with Young Shin and her family.  He takes them as his deceased girlfriend’s “miracle” gift to his shattered life.

“You asked me what Bom and Bom’s mother mean to me.

They’re a miracle.

My life which was like a pool of mud.

Someone has given me a miracle as a present.”


At the same time, Gi Seo’s love to the family and especially to Young Shin also transforms her to be a even better person.  This stranger adjushi (uncle) becomes the man of the family.



One of the element which makes this drama so special is the way the scriptwriter depicts the love of Gi Seo and Young Shin. While romantic scenes and passionate emotions are essential ingredients in the drama world, “Thank you” does not bombard the viewers with romance-provoking displays.

The Message of Holding Hand

In this drama,  the one and only one hand holding scene happens when Gi Seo and Young Shin take a break after serving an old granny together. Walking leisurely along the shore, Gi Seo sticks out his hand and gently grasps Young Shin’s. Young Shin tries to slip her hand away which results in Gi Seo holding her hand firmer and pulling it closer to himself.


This simple gesture effortlessly shows the dynamic of their relationship. Gi Seo’s gentle but firm grip of Young Shin’s hand signifies his affection and commitment to her even though she is still hesitant about their relationship.


Treading on the sand hand in hand with a shy head-down Young Shin, Gi Seo looks so satisfied and happy. Without speaking a single word, his gestures already convey an affirming and loving message :   “ Young Shin, I will not let go of you.”

Awkward Kiss

Their first kissing scene comes after a twist which renders it the most awkward kiss I’ve ever seen in drama.

That night, they meet in the pavilion after Gi Seo stands up for Young Shin against the cynical criticism of Seok Hyun’s mother. The confrontation makes Gi Seo realize how difficult Young Shin’s life is, thus stirs up in him a stronger desire to be her knight.

After an extended solitary internal struggles, he asks Young Shin out to the pavilion. When she arrives, he is already half drunk. Unfortunately, before this drunken guy can articulate his deepest feelings, she chokes him with her long speech.

“Please return Back to Seoul.

Staying on here will make you hurt. Just go on.

Don’t worry about us. No matter what, we’ll be able to pull in through….

I really hate to see someone who has no relation with us get worried and burden themselves over us.

We don’t do much, but yet we keep receiving from others.  I hate it even more.”


To his ears, her speech is a disapproval of all he has done for her. After his heroic act of defending her against criticism, those words are definitely NOT what he wants to hear.

While Young Shin’s intention is understandable, I feel pity for Gi Seo.  After putting up so much for her, all he gets is “Please go back.”  Gi Seo is struck dumb and turns his downcast face away from her, showing how much he is wounded by her words.

Mistake Number One:  For whatever reasons, a woman should not hurt a guy who has just done so much for you, no matter how unwise or futile you think the things he’s done.

There is a saying in the Bible :  A word at the right time is like apples of gold in a network of silver. ”  Though her “Please go back”  speech is sincere and reasonable , it’s delivered at the wrong time.  In that moment, a simple “Thank you” would be the golden apples, nourishing a drained soul.

Unfortunately, our heroine is insensitive to his needs.  Seeing his non-responsiveness, she teases him by touching his face and asks,

“So kind-hearted and honest.  How do you intend to live on in this world?”


Mistake Number two:  A woman should never tease a troubled guy who has been drinking.

Whether Young Shin intents to lighten up the tense atmosphere or the tense guy, teasing is NOT a workable gimmick.  It would only pierce more wounds to a hurting soul.

Being agitated by her teasing question , Gi Seo impulsively reaches out his arm , grabbing her neck and pulling her to him.  While everyone is holding breathe and anticipating a kiss, he suddenly loosens his grip and says, “Let’s go.”


Though this scene ends up a bit disappointing for those who eagerly wait for a romantic kiss, I appreciate the scriptwriter’s dramatic twist to show the characters’ underlying psychological complexities.

Young Shin’s speech and actions show her heart’s swaying emotions. Her “Please go back” speech is not a rejection but a conscious loving effort to put his best interests over hers.  No doubt she has feelings for him, if not love, at least gratitude.  But she is trying to hold her feelings and pushes him away because of her complicated situation and she hates to burden such a kind man with all her troubles.  This is typical feminine thinking to protect the man she cares which means :  man should not take it as disapproval or even offensive.

For Gi Seo, he’s been overwhelmed by Seok Hyun’s mother during the day. Her critical challenges make him well aware of all the social obstacles he has to overcome if he chooses to stay with Young Shin.


“Isn’t your mom the President of the company Seok Hyun is in?

Is your mom aware of such an unbelievable thing?  (i.e. staying with an unmarried mother).

If your mom were to know, she’d probably jump off the company building.

People like us will not even dare to glance at such a family.  You are so fine-looking, and you are a doctor too.  What do you lack of?   (Why do you want such a family?)”

He’s drinking tons of wine, heart troubled by series of disturbing questions, with the most  disturbing one posed by Young Shin, urging him to go back to Seoul.

In view of their psychological struggles, if Gi Seo kisses Young Shin at that moment, it would make him appear egocentric and forceful rather than loving and thoughtful. Moreover, it is susceptible that Gi Seo understands a forceful kiss would make Young Shin feel like a doormat, reminiscing the way of her ex.  In order to make our hero more like a gentle knight, the scriptwriter stops him from kissing her there.

So, they leave the pavilion and head back to her house. On the way,  he makes her walk in the front with the excuse of “ lady first “.  In fact, he wants to make it less embarrassing for himself to confess. Speaking to her back, he starts by responding to her “Please go back” speech and tell her why he returns back to the Island.


“When I was back in Seoul, I felt like I was about to die.

It was weird I just couldn’t breathe…..”

Unfortunately before he can transit to his confession of love, she thoughtlessly interrupts ,

“Why did you feel breathless?”

Foolish him, he cowardly gives a smokescreen answer,

Do you know how polluted the air is in Seoul?……so is the water. 

Once the water gets polluted, bread and rice doesn’t taste good.”

Then she keeps interrupting,

The bread sold in our village was manufactured in Seoul.”

With this, he is so annoyed and grumbles,

This Ahjuma (aunt) , really…”

Finally she makes a hasty conclusion which abruptly ends his confession:

“Do you mean, you are not worried about Bom (her AIDS daughter). But because of the polluted air in Seoul, and you felt like dying, so you returned?

(Sigh~)  Poor Gi Seo,  mouth shut,  confession over.


Communication Lesson Quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to draw conclusion” is the golden rule for man and woman communication.  Here we have a perfect demonstration of how a presumptuous woman ruins a love confession.

Men are generally less skillful in expressing their feelings with words. It may take lengthy time and immense courage for men to verbalize their thoughts and feelings.  As a more articulate counterpart,  a woman should resist any impulsive attempt to either complete the sentence or draw conclusion for a guy since it would greatly discourage him from further opening his heart.

After the abruptly ended confession,  their conversation switches to the subject of AIDS. She thanks him for continually renting her house and interacting with her daughter, Bom, even after knowing she has AIDS.

But deep in her heart, she’s still feel uncertain. Thus she asks,

Ahjushi (uncle) , you’re actually afraid of me, right? 

No matter what, I’m a mother of someone who has AIDS.

You should feel uncomfortable too, right?

That’s why…  That’s why…”

And this time, it’s his turn to complete the sentence for her:

“I  didn’t kiss you just now.”

He gazed at her with disbelief and continues,

“Chicken head! 

AIDS is…your ignorance, Ahjuma (woman) ..

It will not be transmitted by kissing.”

After giving her a brief lecture on AIDS and kissing from his medical perspective, still lying on the ground, he respectfully voices out his desire,

“ May I kiss you? ” 


Seeing that she has no objection. he pulls her down and pushes himself up to kiss her. Now comes what I said earlier :

“ The. most. awkward. kissing. scene. I’ve . ever. seen. in. drama. ”


Spectacularly Impressive, Gi Seo!

Heart races along with worries.  Don’t you know even a doctor may sprain his back by this kissing posture?  I think there should be a caption warning viewers:  “Don’t copy this act, the actor has received special training. ”  ( Well, has he? )

Besides cinematographical concern, I believe there are messages the scriptwriter wants to convey through this awkward kissing posture.

Generally with the “woman on top” position, the woman is seen as the one who initiates and takes charge of the act. But here with Gi Seo bending upwards strenuously, the whole scene turns around custom expectations, expressing eagerness and pursuit on the part of Gi Seo, as well as symbolizing the monumental effort he is putting forth into that relationship. The scriptwriter has successfully woven the character’s traits into one simple act.

Did I forget to mention the shooting star?  It’s hard to capture as still but believe me , it does glide across the dark sky during the kiss as an intentional detail to pamper those who crave for fanciful romance.  And it helps adding another symbolic layer to the scene.  According to folk belief, the appearance of a shooting star over lovers signifies the possibility of romance and thus they are a couple of destiny.

After the promising stella sign, the scriptwriter inserts an anticlimax that makes viewers feel like riding on a emotional roller coaster.

Right after the tender kiss, a misunderstanding of him pitying her rather than loving her causes Young Shin to make her famous “ I am an inanimate object” declaration.

“Am I very pitiful?….

I’m not a woman.  I’m just Bom’s Mom.

I’m not a human.  I’m just a lifeless object.

Well, like trees, rocks, tables… Similar to that.

So don’t pity me, don’t feel sorry for me.

Don’t feel hurt because of me.

Don’t fall in love with me.

In the future, don’t ever kiss me either. 

I am a stone. A stone doesn’t have any feelings. It’s true. ”


Her speech is … AWEFUL!

Young Shin is doing great as a mother and a granddaughter, but she really sucks at relationship.  She suffers from inferiority complex which is understandable after being dumped by her first love, the father of her daughter.  Out of her defensive mechanism, she always stands strong and hates people pitying her. Gi Seo certainly has more work to do before he can convince her to commit into the relationship.

Commitment Kiss

If two persons have chemistry, all they need is time and circumstances to foster their relationship. The scriptwriter graciously gives the couple a second chance through an episode of Young Shin’s life-threatening accident.

After Gi Seo’s strenuous effort in saving her life,  he comes to the realization that he can’t give up this woman.  In response to her earlier  “ I am an inanimate object”  declaration,  he makes this sublime confession of love in the hospital ward:

“ I’ve decided to go all the way…..

Ahjuma (aunt), no matter if you’re an inanimate object or a stone…

it has nothing to do with me.

From now on,

can I be Lee Young Shin’s man? ”


This is so “ Gi Seo-ish ”.  Like the way he asks for permission to kiss her,  his confession is sincere but not forceful.  It’s delivered in the way that Young Shin would feel being treated with respect.

Upon hearing his genuine confession,  tears rush out from her eyes.  Her inferiority complex works in full swing as she says,

“ Don’t do this. Don’t.

I am not worthy to be with you.

Someone else should be with you, not me.

There are so many other outstanding and pretty women in this world. 

It mustn’t be me. Don’t do this.”

While she still keeps muttering “Don’t do this. Don’t do this…”,  he bends down to kiss her, a perfect seal to his confessional statement.


This scene portrays one of the greatest love confessions I’ve seen. Without any romantic cliches,  Gi Seo declares his committal love stronger than the phrase “ I love you” can express.

At this point, he is well aware of the cost of his commitment, both socially and emotionally.  In choosing to love her, he has left behind everything he has in Seoul, including his parents, a high status job and a luxurious life.  Before returning back to the Island, he even gets an angry slap from his mother when he tells her that all those things are meaningless to him.

Emotionally, he is also aware of the possibility of an unrequited love due to Young Shin’s indifference. He mocks himself when he takes Young Shin’s hand to check his pulse,

“ My pulse is beating 10 times faster than normal, isn’t it?…

What do you call this in front of an inanimate object (Young Shin)?  

A pervert? ”


His rhetoric may be a bit exaggerating but it clearly shows that he has thought through his love situation.  Loving a woman who has declared herself an inanimate object, how desperate this journey would be?  Besides, Young Shin’s  ex has returned, wanting to claim her and their daughter back.  As someone who doesn’t have any blood relationship with this family, is he fighting an already lost battle?

Regardless, just as he himself says, he has already traveled too far to turn back.  Despite the possibility of non-reciprocity, he determines to head on this love journey, no matter what.

Infatuation is easy but love is costly and risky.  It calls for determination, perseverance and sacrifice.  Gi Seo has made incredible decisions and commitment.  And for this,  his love for Young Shin is touchingly immense.

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